Colorado State University

POLS 131: Current World Problems

POLS 232: Introduction to International Relations

POLS 420: History of Political Thought

POLS 421: Contemporary Political Theory

POLS 435: United States Foreign Policy

POLS 437: International Security 

POLS 492: Senior Capstone Seminar

POLS 531: Graduate Seminar on International Security

Hendrix College 

POLI 100: International Security

POLI 281: US Foreign Policy

POLI 240: Western Political Thought

POLI 250: History of the International System

POLI 274: Irregular Warfare

POLI 303: Analyzing Politics (Fall 2016)–Change and Challenge in the Middle East

POLI 303: Analyzing Politics (Spring (2017)–Defense and Security Strategy

POLI 303 Analyzing Politics (Fall 2017)–Politics and Media

POLI 350: World of Conflict and War

POLI 440: (Fall 2012): Topics—The Enlightenment and Its Betrayal

POLI 440: (Spring 2013): Topics—21st Century Media and Global Crisis

POLI 497: Senior Seminar

University of Denver

GS 4010: Global Society

INTS 3701: Nationalism and Propaganda

INTS 2975: Global Governance

University of Colorado 

PSCI 3163 US Foreign Policy

PSCI 3191 US National Security Policy